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Maternity Shoot | Maui, Hawaii

Welcome to diaries of a videographer’s wife as written by yours truly. For a while, I’ve been wanting to start this as a blog series because it is pretty fun being Joe Pineiro Film’s other half and I thought what better way than to start the series off with a recap of our maternity shoot?

Our business started to take off and get busy when we got pregnant with Matthew and for the entirety of our pregnancy we worked. Filming wedding after wedding when one late night Joe said “What if we go to Hawaii for our baby-moon? We can take your maternity photos there.” And I just about died. That night, at 3 am, we booked our trip to Maui for the next month and our grand maternity photoshoot became a reality.

This shoot was the maternity shoot of my dreams. For the entirety of our trip, I walked around with different outfits packed, ready to take photos at a moment's notice in whatever exotic, stunning, location we found. Discovered a beautiful waterfall one day? No problem. Come across a hidden alcove? Ready to shoot. This is what Joe captured.

I knew for this pregnancy I wanted photos that revolved around my belly and nature. I wanted each photo to feel very organic and yet glamorous. I felt like mother nature, like a goddess growing our baby, and I wanted our photos to reflect that. I drew a lot of inspiration from different vogue shoots and photos I saw on Pinterest.

Enjoy stepping into our babymoon:

Feel free to also check out our site or contact us to book Joe and I for your maternity shoot!

Hugs, Priscila Pineiro

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