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Jackie & Shashi | Christmas Themed Wedding

Updated: May 18, 2023

This is Day three of their wedding and it was spectacular! It was giving Hallmark Christmas Movie vibes in all the right ways and MJ Products and Promotions knocked it out of the park! It was a winter wonderland in South Florida!

Day three of Jackie and Shashi's wedding took place at Avocado Farms in Florida where couples were invited with a Christmas wedding invitation, complete with a wreath and Christmas tree design.

Jackie's mom was a key player in the wedding (as you will see in future details) and had set up an entire mini Christmas village replica of the wedding venue, complete with a mini bride and groom. It was un real! (You can see this on display in their wedding film we did.)

Being crafty we decided to stage the invitation with "snow" and little bottle brush trees from her Christmas village and we were OBSESSED with how it turned out! (This was ALSO SO magical on film with the snow falling!)

And the details didn't stop there!! Jackie's mom and the wedding planners gathered all of the Christmas tree's they could find to decorate the ceremony, barn entrance, and barn backdrop. I have NEVER in my life seen so many Christmas tree's and we were absolutely here for it! It was spectacular!!! Truly, this wedding was unreal!

Did we also mention that Jackie's mom (I told you she was the MVP of this wedding) made homemade Coquito for everyone in the wedding. Who even does that?!!!

Every single detail of this THREE DAY wedding was thought of and it shows in their wedding photos and wedding film!

Please enjoy their exquisite Day Three Wedding Photos and Wedding Film!