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Audrey & Dustin's Wedding

Updated: May 17, 2023

This was the first destination wedding Joe and I ever had the honor of filming and it will forever be special to us! We flew into Boston a day early and drove to Maine and started filming. Yes, I was max capacity pregnant at this point, and yes, we filmed TWO days for one wedding.

On the first day, we took our time capturing details of the venue’s stunning gardens, wildlife, and beach. We also drove around Maine’s less visited and touristy roads, listening to Taylor Swift’s song “August” and Fleetwood Mac’s “Everywhere,” with the top down, crisp fall breeze, and a pumpkin spice late in hand. Okay, maybe Joe didn’t do that, but I did.

These songs were my inspiration behind all of our nature shots.

For our iconic drone shot at the begging of the film, which to me looks like something out of national geographic, we had pulled over on the side of the road at this field that we had driven passed. It was so beautiful we had to turn back and take out the drone. Joe not only captured its beauty, but he was lucky enough to have an incredible bird fly across at the PERFECT time.

The next day, the wedding day, we arrived at the venue bright and early and spent all morning capturing incredibly detailed shots (such as the wedding dress hanging off of the light fixture in the lobby) then spent until sundown capturing the most romantic shots of the couple.

Couples ask us all the time why we suggest so many hours of coverage and even multi-day coverage and this is why. When we have ample time to capture every facet of your wedding, including the day leading up to it, we can craft something more than just a “highlight” of your day. We can craft a deeper story. We can capture the way the air felt that weekend, the way the sun rose and fell, the way nature buzzed around you, the way you looked into each other's eyes, the way the light gleamed in your hair when you looked at your wedding bouquet for the first time.

We can transport you back to that special day time and time again with our film because we were able to truly film it. Just as your love story took time to develop into the deep beautiful thing that it is today, our films take time to develop to show that incredible story of not only your wedding day but your multifaceted love. Your love is not one-dimensional and neither should your wedding film be. For us, Audrey and Dustin’s wedding film captured just that and we hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed telling it!

Watch Audrey & Dustin's Full Wedding Video:

- Priscila Pineiro

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