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Jarren & Jo's Dreamy Engagement Shoot | Vizcaya, Miami

Updated: May 19, 2023

Vizcaya Miami photos have our hearts, it is the ultimate setting for engagement photos in Miami and offers such a wide range of photo spots!

We have been in the process of writing an entire blog post, with details on how to book, example photos, and price point, on all of the best spots for an engagement photoshoot in Miami so keep your eyes peeled for it! It'll be SUPER helpful for planning your engagement photos!

In the meantime, here is an example of a fun photoshoot we did in Vizcaya Museum & Gardens in Miami and hopefully you can get some ideas for engagement photos!

We gave some of the photos a fun grainy and old Hollywood feel to them, some of them we gave that fun blurry look, and some we kept classic and clean. This day Vizcaya was packed and the photos still came out stunning! (That's the job of a good photographer lol)

Vizcaya does require booking photo passes which can range anywhere from $250 and up. Jarren and Jo booked a normal session (which is closer to that $200 range) and their photos still came out gorgeous!

We do however, recommend booking the sunrise slot, it is a bit more pricey and starts at about $400 but to us, it is 100% worth it!! You won't have to waste time waiting for spots to open up (like the oh so popular tea room) and you have the entire property to yourself which is GREAT if you want to add on an engagement film and get stunning shots of you guys running around in an empty Vizcaya. Trust us, it's worth it! The lighting is also ideal at sunrise (or sunset) and will give the most gorgeous photos.

Are you planning your engagement photos? If so and you have questions on where to take them, when to take them, who to take them with, ect. just click here to contact us and I would love to help you plan them!! There are SO many other spots to take gorgeous engagement photos in Miami that are free (like Prado parkway) that offers a Vizcaya feel but doesn't require a photo pass. Just message us and we can help you find the perfect location!

This is SUCH an exciting season in your life (you're a FIANCE now!!) and Joe and I would love to make your wedding dreams become a reality!


Priscila Pineiro

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